Gymnastics Level 1 Clinic

Sundays 9:00-10:00 AM
Price: $249

The goal in starting from the ground up is to educate the athlete on proper movement patterns, injury prevention and avoiding bad habits that are difficult to reverse. Beginner athletes will jump start their journey with proper knowledge, setting them up for faster success. L1will be focusing on correct activations and positions with the basics and build the strength necessary to achieve ‘proper’ strict first pull-up, T2B, pushup and handstand.

Goal After Completion:

  • strict pull-ups x2
  • pushups x5
  • headstands
  • 45 sec nose to wall HS hold
  • kick up to wall handstand
  • wall walks
  • parallette basics
  • floor core basics

Prerequisites: None

Gymnastics Level 2 Clinic


Sundays 10:30 – 11:30 am
Price: $249

Athletes will also learn introductory drills and progressions for the more advanced movements. L2 is recommended for those who are confident with regular pull ups, have the required strength to do strong ring supports and can kick up to a handstand against a wall without assistance. L2 will focus on strict pushing, kipping movement patterns for pulling as well as introduction to false grip pulling.

Goals After Completion:

  • Pull-ups x6
  • hspu x 2
  • P-Bar Dips x8
  • Ring dips x5
  • Ring Support Hold x30 sec
  • beginner ring muscle up transitions
  • skin the cat tucked
  • 30 sec crow hold
  • pistol squats
  • 5-10 sec freestanding handstand
  • intermediate HS weight shifting


  • 3-5 strict pull-up
  • 45 sec nose to wall HS hold
  • kick to HS
  • 15 sec Ring Support hold

Gymnastics Level 3 Clinic


Sunday 12:00 – 1:00pm

Price: $249

The focus in L3 is to continue to gain strength in the more advanced skills. Athletes will learn strength drills and will work on many different progressions to help them create efficient movement patterns. L3 is recommended for those who can execute chest to bar pull ups, strict ring dips and handstand push ups. At level 3, with competency established in the Pull-Up and Ring strength, the first Strict Ring Muscle-Up and Bar Muscle-Ups will be achieved, with good form! This is also where Dynamic Ring training (e.g swings) are introduced so our fitness athletes can develop their strict strength into efficient Kipping reps.

Goals After Completion:

  • pull-up x12
  • hspu x6
  • kipping bar muscle up x1-3
  • ring muscle up x1-3
  • freestanding handstand hold x20 sec
  • skin the cat x1
  • tucked front lever x20 sec
  • 5 meter handstand walk


  • 5-7 strict pull ups
  • 3-5 strict ring dips
  • 20 sec ring support hold
  • 60 sec nose to wall HS hold

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