Grindhouse Physiotherapy

About GrindHouse

GrindHouse Physiotherapy was founded in 2020 as a division of Mid-South Physical Therapy, Inc (Atoka, TN) to help people of all activity levels and allow them to recover and meet their goals quickly. What began as a “side gig” to help save people time and money as a 1 stop shop transformed into an entire clinic based out of Deep River Fit in Midtown Memphis. Grindhouse Physiotherapy accepts insurance but also accepts self-pay clients. All patients at Grindhouse will be 1:1 with a fellowship trained (FAAOMPT) physical therapist. The motto we use is “Have No Limits” because we want everyone we treat to reach their full potential while performing their sport or activity that they love to do.

What We Offer

Spinal Mobilization/ Manipulation

This is a process where the practitioner will mobilize your spine passively using skilled movements through a range including a high velocity low amplitude movement to aid in pain relief.

Electro Dry Needling

This is a process where the practitioner inserts a sterile surgical stainless steel needle (Seirin), and is then connected to    an electrical current for a period of time to aid in pain relief and provide a “nervous system reset”.


This process is used both statically and dynamically depending on the desired effect. It is used to aid in pain relief and more importantly in place of dry needling if you are not a big fan of needles!

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

This process is where the practitioner uses different tools along the skin. The tools are an extension of the hands; the surface of the instrument minimizes the force used by the practitioner, but maximizes the force delivered to the tissues

Body Tempering

Best described as tissue diffusion therapy. A piece of steel of varying weight is rolled over the effected area.
The techniques was created by legendary power lifter Donnie Thompson to decrease injuries and increase mobility.
This process is also used by NFL and NCAA teams to decrease injury risk in players.

Tissue Flossing

This process involves applying an external pressure above or below a muscle or joint of the extremities, typically by using a circumferential, elastic band (Voodoo Floss/Rock Floss).


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