Deep River Fit – Aerobic Work Class

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A: Metcon (No Measure)

“Repeat 5 times:

30 seconds on

90 seconds easy

30 seconds on

90 seconds easy

30 seconds on

3 minutes easy

On your machine (or run) of choice.

RPE goal: 10

Don’t worry so much about watts/splits/metrics here; this is more of a workout focusing on applied speed. Burst power, then directly to easy effort for 90 seconds. Increasing time over each wave, up to 30 seconds. Key points:

-how quickly can you reach max speed?

-once you are at peak watt/max speed, can you maintain it, or does it drop off significantly?

-how does your technique shift at max speed vs. sustainable high speed?

-when you shift to “”easy””, can you maintain technique, or do you fall apart?

Score it complete/not complete, note specifics.”

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